7th Month Festival

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7th Month Promotions 中元促销

Make giant your one-stop shop to all your hungry ghost festival praying needs. Get joss papers, prayer packages, fresh fruits, electronics, grocery necessities and more at a lower price. This catalogue contains a special editorial issue uncovering the myths, tradition and superstitions of 7th month!

拜中元所需的各种物品,Giant应有尽有! 已更优惠的价格购买中元配套, 鲜果, 蜡烛, 香烛, 各式金银纸, 干货, 电器等等。这个促销目录也包含了七月特刊,讲述中元节的传统,误解与迷信。

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7th Month Packages

7th Month Packages 中元配套

Ordering of 7th month packages is now easier and more value-for-money!


Enjoy FREE delivery with minimum purchase of $600 and above on 7th month packages and get a free gift with a minimum purchase of $500.

凡购买满 $600 以上即享用免费送货服务。凡购买满 $500 以上, 即可领取免费赠品。

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