7th Month Packages 中元配套

Ordering of 7th month packages is now easier and more value-for-money!

1. Enjoy FREE delivery with minimum purchase of $600 and above on 7th month packages.
凡购买满 $600 以上即享用免费送货服务
2. Spend a min. of $500 to get a free gift. The more you spend, the better the gift!
凡购买满 $500 以上, 即可领取免费赠品。消费越高,赠品更超直!

7th month packages How do I order? 怎样订购呢?有三种订购方式:

1. Order at any of our stores. Get your order form from stores or download it here.
2. Call our 7th Month hotline at 8303 0460 to place your orders (operates daily 8am - 8pm).
拨打订购专线 8303 0460 (每日上午8点至晚上8点)。
3. Purchase the packages online.

Ordering period: 4th Aug - 15th September 2017
订购日期:7月15日-8月25日 2017

View package A items list. 查看幸运配套产品列表。

View package B items list. 查看兴旺配套产品列表。

View package C items list. 查看平安配套产品列表。

View package D items list. 查看发财配套产品列表。