CNY Weekly Specials

Find all your Chinese New Year must-haves at a better price! Enjoy promotions from abalone, mandarin oranges, steamboat essentials to festive snacks & drinks. You name it, we have it, and at a lower price to boot!

以更好的价格购买今年所有的新年必备用品和食品!从鲍鱼,橘子,火锅料,到喜庆小吃和饮料,Giant 应有尽有。只要你能列出,我们都有售卖,并以更低的价格推出。

Yuan Xiao Ad
8 - 11 Feb 2017
CNY Promotions
13 Jan - 12 Feb 2017

All our advertised products are on a while stocks last basis and their availability differs from store to store. Prices shown are correct at time of printing; for the latest updates, please check our website, or within the stores. No traders allowed. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Trimmings and props are not included. Exclusion list applies.