Senior Citizen’s Day

Senior Citizen's enjoy 3% off purchase every Tuesday at Giant!

乐龄人士每逢星期二能享受 3% 购物折扣!

Bring your entire family to shop with us on Tuesdays and reap the maximum savings on your grocery dollars! As the Chinese saying goes, having an elderly in your home is like having a living treasure of gold. Giant can attest to that!

We now accept the newly launched PAssion Silver Card as a form of identification! Find out more about this card at PAssion's website.

PAssion Silver Card (Concession) PAssion Silver card

Terms & Conditions

  • Eligible for all Singapore Citizen and PR aged above 60 years old 所有年龄60岁以上的新加坡公民或永久居民都可享有此优惠。
  • Please present your identification when making payment 请在付款时主动出示身份证。
  • Exclusion list applied for: Tobacco and cigarettes, infant milk powder, phone cards, Dairy Farm Gift Vouchers, lottery and purchases from concessionaires 此优惠不包括烟草产品,婴儿奶粉,电话卡,Dairy Farm 礼卷,博彩和外租承包商产品 M1 电信产品及服务。
  • The 3% discount will not be applicable on top of the 10% off house brands & corporate brands for UOB Delight Cardmembers. 此优惠不能与 UOB Delight 卡会员的自家品牌10%折扣同时享有。
  • Not applicable for Giant online 此优惠不适用于 Giant 网上购物。


Can my relative or friend use my ID to redeem the 3% discount on my behalf?
You have to be present at the cashier to redeem your 3% discount. Please bring your Identification card for verification.
I am few months away from reaching 60 years old. Do I qualify for the 3% discount?
Unfortunately you have to be at least 60 years old to be eligible for Senior Citizen's Day at Giant.
Is there a minimum spend to get my 3% discount?
There is no minimum spend.
What documents are needed to show that I am 60 years old and above?
We accept the following documents as proof of verification: Identification Card, Driving license, Ez-link card with a photo of yourself, PAssion Silver Card and PAssion Silver Concession Card.
Will I still get a 3% discount if I make more than 1 purchase in a day?
Will I still get a 3% additional discount if the item is already on promotion?
Yes. However, for UOB Delight cardmembers who enjoy 10% off products under Giant Housebrands and these Exclusive Brands, they will not enjoy the additional 3% discount on said products.
Am I entitled to 3% discounts for all items in Giant?
Exclusion list applies. Click here for the full list.
Will I get a 3% discount if I purchase online?
Senior Citizen's 3% Discount is not valid for online purchases.
What methods of payment are acceptable for me to enjoy the 3% discount?
All methods of payment are accepted.